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Belgravia Penthouse
Belgravia Court
Carton Hill
Tower Bridge
Commercial St
Draycott Place

 Tower Bridge Penthouse 

Bespoke sofas, rug and interior-designed table with flowing, intertwined parts of the letter S, veneered in maple and steel base, with beautifully made, sheer curtains and the floor is oak.

The Library / Rotunda, has specially made sofas and small tables and very rich curtains.

The Master Bedroom, features a custom made headboard, glass dressing table and stainless steel, bedside reading lights and Hulsta bedside tables.


The yellow bedroom, features tall drapes, golden velvet carpet and custom made dressing table, TV table and stool.

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The yellow bedroom has a viewing area, from which to get a good look at Tower Bridge and the River Thames.
Finally, the bed has been given a specially made headboard, of unusual shape.
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